Leadership Development

When leaders learn to listen, engage and connect with customers and team members, organizations have access to greater strength, flexibility and productivity. Strayer@Work helps leaders learn the skills that create a powerful springboard for success.

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Retail Management

The most challenging environments often hold the greatest opportunity for growth. When managers learn the secrets of their top-performing colleagues, the impact is clear: Companies are better equipped to stem turnover and improve overall performance.

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Customer Service Excellence

How do your team members approach customer service? Their choices are influenced by the values and culture of your company. Our customized learning programs and tailored coaching services will empower your team to build and support a culture of excellence.

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Sales Enablement

Insight, instinct and responsiveness drive sales success—but even the most seasoned professionals can sometimes miss the mark when it comes to teaching others how to generate sales and build relationships. We study the path to sales success, and reveal how to get there.

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Personalized Coaching

Coaching helps team members improve, develop and learn new skills to achieve success. Strayer@Work "coaches the coaches," arming your leaders with the skills they need to guide and inspire team members and create tangible improvements in performance.

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Management Onboarding

A strategic approach to onboarding gives companies the chance to introduce their culture, mindset and vision to new managers. Strayer@Work gives companies the tools they need to take full advantage of this unique opportunity to preserve operational continuity.

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We’re transforming the world of business with corporate learning programs that inspire excellence in leadership, customer service and more. Here’s how we’ve helped our clients generate news.

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