“Great coaches make a difference in performance by inspiring shifts in perspective.”


For the Strayer@Work team, coaching is an area of deep expertise. Our understanding of how adults learn, combined with our extensive knowledge of organizational development, allows us to deliver coaching programs that produce tangible results for our clients. Great coaches make a difference in performance by inspiring shifts in perspective. Our coaching programs provide opportunities for leaders to reconnect with high-level goals, and discuss and address specific areas of growth.

The Strayer@Work team “coaches the coaches.” We help our clients to become better coaches through a series of unique programs tailored to the culture of their organizations. Components of such programs include active listening techniques, guidance on providing candid and timely feedback, and access to external expertise and resources. We integrate high-impact exercises for live, facilitated sessions as well as interactive online modules for reinforcement and decentralized workforces.


We’re transforming the world of business with corporate learning programs that inspire excellence in leadership, customer service and more. Here’s how we’ve helped our clients generate news.

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