Leveraging subject-matter expertise and research-based best practices, Strayer@Work provides engaging, hands-on workshops necessary for the 21st century workplace. Our workshops provide a tangible return on investment by improving employee performance and retention.

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Skills Diagnostics and Competency Mapping

A few core skills account for most of the variation between world-class and average performers within a given role. In this proprietary process, we identify the skills and mindsets required to raise the bar on performance excellence.

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Customized Corporate Learning Programs

Your company has a distinctive ecosystem of roles with its own language, business challenges and training needs. Our customized corporate learning programs combine our extensive educational expertise with cutting-edge technology to help you solve strategic, talent-based business problems.

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Innovative Degree Programs

Education is one of the highest ranking benefits for employees, especially Millennials. Degrees@Work helps companies attract and retain top talent: By lowering the cost of a college degree radically, employers are able to offer degree programs as an added unique benefit to employees.

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We’re transforming the world of business with corporate learning programs that inspire excellence in leadership, customer service and more. Here’s how we’ve helped our clients generate news.

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