“Great outcomes can be traced to clear, teachable behaviors.”


Strayer@Work approaches employee achievement as a science: We’ve learned that great outcomes can be traced to clear, teachable behaviors. Our proprietary Skills Diagnostic and Competency Mapping processes help companies set the standard for excellence in their organizations, create competitive advantage, and deliver measurable return on investment.

Our Skills Diagnostic identifies the behaviors, mindsets and knowledge that distinguish top performers during moments that matter the most. Competency Mapping determines personalized pathways for all employees to raise the bar on performance.

The result is a clear picture of your current workforce and its capacity. Understanding what you have—and identifying gaps in skill and potential—will position you to revamp training, hiring and recruitment strategies. Your low- to mid-level performers will better comprehend what it takes to achieve the same levels of success as your top performers.

Whether you choose to lead your company in a new direction with internal resources, or draw upon our guidance and expertise to create customized corporate learning programs, our diagnostic and mapping processes will help your team maximize its potential.


We’re transforming the world of business with corporate learning programs that inspire excellence in leadership, customer service and more. Here’s how we’ve helped our clients generate news.

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