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Coaching Mindsets (3-day):  In this workshop leaders will learn how to integrate coaching into their everyday interactions by building a coaching mindset and finding time to making coaching a daily routine. Training leaders in current, effective methods of coaching will allow your whole organization to increase productivity and reduce employee turnover. This workshop is appropriate for new and experienced managers.

  • Developing a coaching mindset: cultivating a growth mindset, understanding reality together, developing the whole person and creating a joint action plan
  • Elements of effective coaching conversations
  • Using both coaching and feedback effectively
  • Using strengths to mitigate weaknesses
  • Coaching high performers

Intrapreneurship (3-day):
 Being effective in 21st century business means embodying an entrepreneurial spirit within an organization. This workshop will help participants embrace innovation and iteration while pursuing projects they are passionate about while invigorating your workplace with a “start-up culture” mentality that gets things done.

  • Lean/nimble methodologies
  • Minimally viable products/projects
  • Self-advocacy/building support for your products/project
  • Navigating Your Company Culture


Persuading Through Storytelling (2-day): From Aristotle to Steve Jobs –in this workshop, participants will learn how to persuade people and communicate their ideas with storytelling rules and guidelines. Participants will gain invaluable experience crafting and presenting pitches with real-time feedback from their facilitator and peers.

  • The art of storytelling
  • Storytelling framework: situation, complication, resolution
  • Identifying and knowing your audience
  • Communication strategies




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